My troops will storm this block and kill you all!



I know I am a bit early (Apr 6) but my 100th day on the forum is coming nearer and I shall LIKE A LOT OF POSTS


Happy almost 100th ana-verce-ery (spelling?)


I think it is anniversary or I know it is because of auto carrot


@Yusamac205 You flagged many of my posts, I had 4 just hidden by flags and 2 removed by staff, tell me, what did you plan to accomplish?


I have only flagged posts that use mean words to describe the community.


The posts are true you know


No they are not. There are a bunch of intelligent creative people on this forum. There are no idiots.


And you talked as if if someone makes a project and it doesn’t get featured it shouldn’t exist and they should just delete it.


That’s offensive. I don’t like to be called intelligent.


No I didn’t. I gave my quality control standards.

Well, I know you are creative. :slightly_smiling_face: Intelligence is not something you should be offended by.


Even if you just meant your projects, you said that featured just means that “your game is functional,” suggesting that if someone makes a game that doesn’t get featured it isn’t functional.

You don’t get it, do you?


And why should the community care? You are not the entire community, Mr. Rex expressed their opinion on my words and you seem to be hating on them for it. You seem to be denying Mr. Rex’s opinion! If Mr. Rex is offended by your words you shouldn’t tell them not to be offended. That’s like a parent telling their depressed child to “not be sad”. You can’t control people no matter how hard you try. And you didn’t answer my question. What did you plan to accomplish

(also this is best title for topic)


To be frank what I said was just making a point but yeah


I was bored so I wrote some stuffs.

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