My Tribute to MagmaPOP



So, everyone's thinking @MagmaPOP is leaving.
I have no idea if this is true, he's probably just finishing up his giga pad, (it's going to be a great pad) but isn't it nice just to dedicate a project to him?

Here is: MagmaPOP Is Illuminati Confirmed


I Hope The Giga Pad Will Be Awesome!!!


Hopefully he is working on the project


He said he is only leaving for a while so he will be back better than ever! I also can't wait for the giga pad!


I found incorrect punctuation in that project!


? Post it please :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a MagmaPop tribute account! It's free to use, as long as you make projects about MagmaPOP!
When you log in, please sign your username in the project in drafts!
Username- MagmaPOP Tribute
Password- MagmaPOP