My topic was closed 😢😭😭😭😓


My perfectly good topic was closed because someone was giving out other peoples info and being off topic now I'm sad


That suc.ks :disappointed_relieved:
I've never had a topic closed so I don't know how it feels like :confused:


Yeah I saw it became off topic in a completely different direction, you must be upset :(

Is your account okay? (Is this the Currency I've been talking to? It sounds like there was a mixup...)


that's never good... click the chain next to the like button, then click ask a question.


Girl that's so sad though


I locked Currency out again and changed my password to something she won't guess and changed my email password too


Ah okay :relaxed: so you're someone other than who's been on this account recently..? (Just so I don't get confused if im talking to you :upside_down:) Sounds like you are securing it now ^_^


My friend likes to mess with my emails and reset my passwords for the forum and stuff so I finally locked her out NOW
You've been talking to the real me tho