My topic just disappeared


Uhhh my topic just disappeared, I don't know why! :frowning: @codingCupcake123 you liked it, you saw it, right? What happened to it!


I know! I was replying and then it is blank thing is breaking the forum!

And as I tried to say before, I can see these "blank" titles!mis it a mobile version thing?


I saw it! I liked it!


It's gone! It disappeared!




No :eye:dea! I'm going on HS for a while...


This is chaos! My topic name disappeared too, I was the first one to have it happen to me! :frowning: What's going on?! :frowning:

❌ CRINGE WARNING ❌ The cringey posts/projects topic 😝

Try switching to mobile view it should be back to normal


Any topic with the keyword "Unread" in the title causes the title to disappear.


I :ocean:(sea) what you did there


I think @BuildASnowman is deleting the topics now!


Our hero!


Ohhhh, thanks!


I saw it too, and I was posting and then it all went white and wouldn't let me post!


I saw those likes @SmileyAlyssa :joy:


First hopscotch, than the forums, next the users :grin: