My topic got pending indefinitely so hi


Darn I didnt save a copy of my topic.
So hey. I got suspended. I’m sorry about swearing, I guess.
I don’t want to be suspended, I wanted to stay for pride month but-
It doesn’t matter, I deserved it.

I’ll never get regular:)

See you on Canada Day :).
Mmmyo @ChickenGirl




Pride month good. Overactive flaggers bad.


I deserved it, bro. Som.


We all swear sometimes.


Oh well.


See you on @Kitty4U next month, I guess. It´s sad that you got suspened, and I haven´t really taken a closer look at what happened. But yeah, see you, I guess.


Are you staying then??


Probably, I don’t know.

Why was this flagged?

Once again, why?



Sorry you got suspended though


Lol its probably gona get flaged anyways


oh boi i can’t wait till I get suspended for swearing lmao


Some rat tattled on me :eyes:
JK it was in my bio




I’ll see you next month kitty :heart:
I hope u have a happy pride anyway
I’ll miss u


Reapers come in black and blue


Thanks <3
I’ll miss u too