My thoughts on Subscriptions... and the future of coders here



Alright, as a 3 year long hopscotcher, I've seen this app grow and expand, and I loved that it was free. It kept me brushed up in coding... but I kinda lost touch of it now.. plus now we have separation with this sub program, Premium projects, and simplistic projects. This is what I say...

Hopscotch is a platform for you to start, getting the sub won't help you any more.
Start to learn script coding... those AAA games aren't made from block coding, and NASA probably doesn't use a simple block script to make their satellites work.
- Start with Python or ruby, there are MILLIONS of free/really cheap resources to get your started, and a lot of places use this regularly. You have simple basics down if you are considering the sub, python/ruby will be easy to pick up, then you can start going from there, as once you have the shell of coding python/ruby, you can pick up any language much easier.
- Specialize: Do you want to be useful in the engineering/tech market? Pick up JavaScript/C++ (or C#)
Or does gaming appeal to you? Pick up some simple game creation engines, and learn that! C++ or HTML5 helps you learn the material
Possibly you want to be a web designer, and help small businesses get there start? Pick up HTML/HTML5, SQL (pronounced sequel), and/or Ruby on Rails (or Rails for short)
- From there, goto Code Academy, they are free, and have a bunch of courses for you to pick to help you learn.
- GO BY THE BOOK! Pick up some books or read the documentary on the code (Basically all the functions and basics for the code, and what they do, (IT IS NOT A HISTORY/SCIENCE VIDEO))
- You have basics, a place you want to work in, now it is time to up your game: If your local Highschool has a course to learn coding, TAKE IT! It will be a nice change of pace, and harder, plus will teach you new things. If you are in college (I doubt you are if you are here...) or under Highschool... There are lots of cheap- moderate priced courses that you can take online, that are AMAZING to take. skilledup or linda can help your find the courses you need to expand your knowledge.
Im going to slow down a bit...

Do research... a lot of people quit learning, since they learn some basics, then the coding lang doesn't do what they want it do to do. Make sure you are learning the right language for you.

Get Help... there are forums out there to help you with your language, and other sources to help you crosscheck your code, just search for it!

Is this want you want to do? Do what I said if you want this to be a job, or a major hobby for yours... but make sure it is what you want! The economy of the world is slowly changing, and you might need to start picking up jobs, as we might become automatic in what we do in daily life.

To @Liza and the Hopscotch Team :
Start encouraging people to take on bigger languages... there is an extent and a limit to what hopscotch can do. Yes, I know your are a business, but if your goal is to teach people how to code, you have to push them on to start learning bigger and better things. Hopscotch is GREAT! Don't get me wrong, but there is only so many things you can do with blocks. I don't know, maybe have a simple course time to time to learn various languages. The subscription thing just makes things... odd. and hard for others. Help everyone out, and encourage to pursue coding on a bigger scale.

Hopscotch has a limit, and you as coders need to find something and learn something bigger. So do yourself a favor, and go teach yourself better things above blockcoding!

Liza/Hopscotch Team, you are a business, I understand, but the features added can make some frustrated, and others put-down, start encouraging to learn more open and creative languages, so people can do what they want to do, without limits within another app.


I love HS, and if I ever move on to other coding, I'll still stay here.

Welcome to the forums! :3


Welcome...? I've been here for a while... I'm just not super active.


Oh, okay XD

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I kinda agree with what your saying here :wink:

Of course I love Hopscotching but, realistically I should focus more on other languages and improve my Python.
But I'll still HS because it's my favourite activity besides procrastination :laughing:


Good post! I agree. If you want to be a programmer when you grow up (if you don't that's perfectly fine! Hopscotch is still a really fun place to learn new things.) Hopscotch is a great start, but later on you won't be doing just block coding. I'm learning about CSS animation, making websites with HTML & CSS, and making games with Python and JavaScript. It's pretty cool! I think Hopscotch was made to be and introduction to coding, kind of like a sample you get a grocery store. If you like it you're welcome to try it out and buy it. Same with coding! If you really enjoy Hopscotch and want to get into more depth about coding you can learn text based coding languages. Hopscotch is simple, because it's made to be a learning experience. It has some boundaries, but it also has many really cool advantages!


I don't care about learning other languages though. I like HS. It's simple, free, and fun! I don't have the time or patience to learn a whole new coding langsuge, plus I don't even want to.


Yes true... my main point is I found this subscription thing redundant, and unfortunate to those who won't be able to buy it and want to express themselves more than a predrawn bear and a rectangle. Script coding is free, infinite, and you can still share it. I was able to make a simple platformer with onpoint collision and smooth jumping and movement, learning the code and making the art in about 90 minutes. Hopscotch is attuned to kids/young teens wanting to start coding. Yes, the age range of users does fluctuate a bit, but still. My intro to coding was an old version of GameMaker when I was 8, I was able to make some simple and fun games, it was Drag and Drop, but more complicated than block coding. When I was 10, I started to learn python from a coding book I got from my sister. 11, I got my hands on a javascript book. 12, I had my hands on a raspberry Pi! And started to work with arduinos. I presented at a major tech conference- twice when I was 12/13 (It's called SIT) 14 here, and I'm in the STEM program in my HighSchool, and we work with technology all the time. I'm working on developing a smooth game, that I hope to get into Steam Greenlight, Art/Music/Development done by a couple friends and myself. I've talked to developers of starbound, undertale, and other big indie devs, and they say I'm LUCKY to have start to learn coding when I was 8. Because it is easier to learn coding LATER when you have a background NOW.


I love how your wrote this.:grinning: It's nice that you listed some other coding opportunities.

I do agree with some of the points.

• It would be cheaper just to learn script code, but the app is meant for kids and script code might be confusing if your not familiar with it. That's why there's Hopscotch.

• It would be nice of THT to encourage script code, but Hopscotch is a way to start coding. After Hopscotch, you can go on and learn even more about coding.:grinning:


Of course NASA doesn't use block "programming" xD

Ruby is really easy, but I'm not very good at it xD
I like Ruby more, but I'm way better at Python.

Why isn't SQL pronounced Ess Queue Ell?


SQL was originally called SEQUEL so people pronounce it like that, but I don't think it's wrong to pronounce it like S-Q-L.


THT needs money to run this app.


Was it really? xD


I don't know, Why is GUI pronounced gooey instead of gee you eye


I leike Hopscotch…
…without subscription


I skimmed through it all. I can't tell if you like the subscription or not so I'm just gonna leave this topic

silently tags @KVJ What are your thoughts


I pronounce GUI as gee you eye xD




I like HS, because it is fun, easy to learn and has a great community! I will stay here, but maybe also try to learn some Python, Java or HTML.


Well, it's as I feared. This got skimmed over, no one cared, and we moved on. Now we start to have problems with other things than subscriptions, like losing half our moderation, and a lot of our good coders. No matter, I'll still be here, lurking.