My thoughts about Featured frequency



Don't say SBYP, 'cause this is MY idea! :yum:

So before (a couple weeks ago), Featured hasn't had many updates. Maybe one for 1-2 days. You probably noticed that.

Now that we've pointed it out, we've had more frequent Features! Like three a day! I think that's really cool...

But people don't seem to care as much.

The more recent Features only have 60ish likes. I know people still love when it happens but... Maybe because they're just a few hours old, but it seems projects that were Featured before this increase were liked faster. if people appreciated being Featured as a Project-of-the-Day thing.

I don't know. What is your opinion on this? More Featured projects? Less? I want to know what you think!


More featured projects but less like Wrath of Taco Bell where a project that was already on featured is remixed.


Well, they are knew, so they will gain likes soon!


They just updated featured like 30 minutes ago, I saw

60 likes in 30 minutes? Thats not too shabby....


Guys, I think they're doing an AMZING job of featuring already this past week!




Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

  • sure why not
  • meh
  • no



In my opinion, some people got on featured then like, a day or two later, they got on trending again!!! I don't think anybody is trying anymore...


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