My Thought Process for Easy Things to do on the Forum!



Sorry about the long name, buuuuuuut I have some ideas about how to improve the forum.

1. How come in Hopscotch we can follow people, but not on here?

So we should get a follow button on Hopscotch Forum profiles. (Track your favorite Hopscotch)

2. (Your idea here)

If you have more ideas put them above.
Happy Coding my Friends


That would be great, but THT can't add that, only discourse can. :wink:


I agree with @RubyStars. But THT can ask Discourse for that feature :wink:


The title could be MTPFETTDOTF :wink:.


? What do you mean? Idk


That is the acronym for your topic name. :wink:


I thought of the following! You know what they say great minds think alike!


What is discourse? I am really confused.


The company that made the format/base for this forum.


Thanks! That makes sense.