My theory on why everyone is quitting


My theory on why everyone is quitting is Short and simple: April Fool's Day. It is not that time exactly, but it will be in a couple days. They will come back tomorrow. I really hope this theory is true!!


Yes I believe maybe as well but I don't know...


They do seem extremely serious, but okay.

Hopefully, HS won't be desolate.


I don't think so...I am currently seriously debating on leaving for the same reasons as Rawrbear did.


That is not true for me.


I d-dont they say cause of bullies :disappointed: I still underfunded stand so many people qui because I know people can pull them self threw this actually might be ture


My theory on why everyone is quitting is that Rawrbear a very inspiring Hopscotcher that many looked up to quit so by that action caused a chain reaction of all of his fans thinking since their inspiration quit that means that they should quit too, because they realized the problems he was having was happening to them too. People are also quitting because they believe that it was their fault that Rawrbear is quitting.

(Wow that was kinda long​:grin:)


I also do believe that. I'm sorry, but I wish rawrbear wouldn't have done that. If only he could've seen what he's done. :tired_face::confounded:


It was his choice, don't say that. We must learn to respect what he did, not bring hate onto it. :slight_smile:


I not hating on him, I'm just disappointed in him.


I know, but saying "shame on rawrbear" could seem a little rude. Maybe word it differently?


He is watching the forum. Now that could be rude :wink:


@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @AHappyCoder it's not mean, my teachers say it to us all the time, yet they don't hate us.


It can be taken as rude. Not everyone has your teacher. If said to me, I would take it as something rude.


I know....but I'm starting float away from that concept. Let's wish that the concept is true. I need to have a long talk with Rawrbear. I honestly think he put that in a very bad way, and even if it was just a joke, it wasn't a good way to do it. I respect is every way, for that is what I believe, that you should respect other people's decisions, but I still disagree.


You took the words right outta my mouth!


You know what, I can't hold it in any longer. PLEASE NO FIGHTS!!

Everyone who quit:

You're literally tearing me apart piece by piece, hopscotch is slowly turning into another failed place for me!!! I can't be happy on here knowing such happy people who were on here aren't happy anymore!! You're killing me!!! Please stop it and you're overwhelming me!!

Mainly, even if it a prank, it's gone too far. You've overwhelmed me to pieces.

Someone please save that quote, it may become famous in Hopscotch's Great Depression, and it's history.

Lastly, if it is true, why put it at THE SAME EXACT time?!? Please can you wait for when we're not getting overwhelmed to the point, where, I don't even feel right here anymore?


April Fools just seems so far away. Some of the quitting is just a little extreme... I'm not doing that for my April Fools prank! :grimacing:


If this is an April Fools prank I'm like: :expressionless:. I don't really think it's a prank though.


Lol well now we know its not! At least for Rawrbear.. Maybe