My thanksgiving game is done!


Here is the link Thanksgiving Game it's a cooking game :smile::smile:


First! I would check it out but I have to go.


I like it! Good theme

@liza let's do a thanksgiving theme next week!


Or maybe da week after


Thank you! And yeah we should that's a good theme :smile:


This is my first cooking game. I know enough about coding so I didn't need a video to make it. It was really fun to make :smile:


Ok, check it out later if you want :grinning:


Yeah. With thanksgiving coming up it would be great to do it at some point before thanksgiving :smile::smile:


This game has gotten the more likes than any of the other games I made :smile:


THAT NEEDS FEATURED! I like it better than my thanksgiving game, which got featured the same day the CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!


Nice game! I like it! :smiley:


that's an amazing game!!! i really like how you used shapes and text to make the food :smiley: it's also very interactive and fun to play

great job!! you're really good at making games :open_mouth:


I like the game a lot! It is fun and easy to understand. Great job :thumbsup:


ITS FEATURED!!!!! Great job @lollypopcorn!


Wow! Thank you! I'm glad you all like it! :smile:


I saw that game!



Thank you! Im happy so many people like my game :smiley:


You're welcolm!
Me leike trail art lol


Thank you! It was hard to get the colors right :smile: