My Thank You Letter


Dear Everyone,
Thank you to everyone who is now my friend on the hopscotch forum. It feels good to make new frends, and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed.
@KVJ~ He is really nice to me! He talks to me on his general topic, is super funny, and continues to inspire me every day!
@Goobrgrlrye~ She is my hopscotch BFF! She is an amazing artist and we share a general topic! she is an amazing friend and deserves to be recognized for it.
@JaggedJeans~ Although I have only talked to her once, she seems super nice, funny, and is awesome.
@Candycane~ SHE KNOWS HOW TO GET A PARTY STARTED!! She is awesome!!!!
@HappyPerson~SHE IS ALSO SUPER AWESOME !! She comes super awesome ideas!!
Wow, I will keep thinking and edit this post if I come up w/ more peeps
EP125~ He is awesome!! He shall not leave!!!!!!


Awesome! You are so nice to give all those shutouts! first >:)


Hahaha lol I took ur idea and made it my own! I will edit u in, just a sec!!


Wow that's a lot of people who are nice that proves you friendly keep up the good work!


EP125~ He better not leave! He is awesome!!!


Oops! Time to edit u in


Yeah he is pretty nice to every mostly to new members he deserves kindness award


ValueGamesStudio~ He volunteered to collab! Ps, We are starting soon!!


Sorry if ur a boy lol


I am a boy... This is one of those awkward moments


OMG I AM SOOOOO SORRYY I am editing right now


I don't deserve a shoutout. Thanks though!


NO WAY U TOTALLY DO! :smile::smile: ur awesome!!


Yes you do RedPinnEPerry.

Thanks so much @Refugeecat123!


I don't think so... XD


Ikr? :stuck_out_tongue:




Get Komplekt m8


Lol again