My text code isn't working!



Somebody help me!


Your code looks right:neutral_face:


What exactly do you want the raccoon to do.


the only text that comes up are the first and last ones


Hmm, I will try to figure it out! Can you post this project and call it: To -Madi- ?


@Madi_Hopscotch_ go to this link:


Sorry, I can't play the project because the project goes to Hopscotch, not Hopscotch Beta. The project only will open if it is from Hopscotch Beta.


Also, unless you are using 0.1 for a reason, I would just increase the value by 1, and this might fix your problem. :grinning:


ok thanks:smile: It works now


I have never done a project like yours so I am not sure about this.
I don't think the code is right, because you can't divide 3, 2, or 1 by 10.
And I don't know anything about the "talking" value so it's hard to answer your problem.

Answering @SUPERSWAGY's question

@RMMagics Yes you can but It will go into negative numbers


Your right

  • His/Her code looks right :anguished:


@Gabe_N and @RMMagics the code won't go into negative numbers the code will be a decimal. 1:heavy_division_sign: 10 = 1/10 or 0.1


Hey @SUPERSWAGGY remember that hopscotchers that was named thegabester I'm the same hopscotcher! We should team up