My Test Accounts


Hey! It's Snoopy here, and I'm going to leak a few things. I do like to test things on hopscotch, mostly with how people react to certain things, the works... Mostly social stuff... I have compiled some findings with certain hopscotchers, and I will be glad to share those with you!
@Follow4LikesOfficial saw one of these 'spy accounts', where I was experimenting with a few things:
1. Fake Account.
2. Excitement Over Follows
3. Bad Projects
4. Being Mean (Don't Worry, I Wasn't Being Mean To Anyone but Myself)
5. Attention (We All Want It :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
That is one out of numerous accounts for 'testing.' I also have a different account just to check for projects that end up in the filter. Myself, I can see them, but for others, they can't see them.
If you want to know anything, feel free to ask me... For example:
-How does @Snoopy react to being followed?
-Is my project stuck in the filter?
-Why am I not getting any likes?
Bonus: If you can pick out any of these accounts, take a screenshot and post it here to receive a prize!


Wait a second... Are you one of these

The follower
The follower:airplane:
Make Your Day
Pass it On
Anonymous Liker
Follow 2 Likes
Follow 5 Likes
the Helper



Woah never knew you had that many accounts.... By the was is snoopy one of the 5 you listed?


I don't, they are some anonymous liking accounts I have found in my activity feed


I don't have any 'follow for likes' accounts. My testing accounts have random names, unless I'm testing something like fake accounts.


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Social experimentation is fun! I've done some on public Minecraft servers before, and also experimenting in general is fun, like one time I was at a restaurant, and they had those little sugar packet things, and I had just learned about artificial sugar, (like how the majority of artificial sweeteners were made on accident! Mostly by scientists forgetting to wash there hands and/or absentmindedly licking their fingers) so what I did was put little piles of each in front of the little ant hill in my backyard, and I checked again the next morning, only the real sugar (like, made from sugarcane/sugar Beet) was gone, the artificial sugar was completely untouched! So not only does this show that the ants favor the regular sugar over the artificial kind, but also that ants probably have different taste receptors then humans do!

Btw, I didn't have any stevia, which is plant based, so idk how the ants would've reacted to it, and by artificial sweeteners I mean stuff like aspartame (Splenda), saccharin (sweet 'n low), and sucralose (Equal)



JUST WOW.#ChatterChatterBlaBlaBla




My sister is "the follower :airplane:"


What is your sister's actual account?


I don't know she keeps changing her name


What are some of her names?


Hopped and jumped out of likes swiftly (yesterday for my arrival, I was liking almost every post I saw!)


I wouldn't say these are spy accounts they are just testing I changed the title for that reason


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I once made an account that continued for a few days saying I was new. I made a few projects, and no one cared when I stopped on that one. But I'm going to say that I'm sorry for those who believed me.