My take on popularity and quitting!



This is just for me to explain to all of you my feelings on popularity and quitting. c:

Plus, I can use this if I want to help someone if they're caught in a situation that deals with this! c:


I know that a lot of people think they're not popular. To me, people are taking the word 'popular' and taking the meaning the wrong way. D:

To most people, they think of popularity as getting lots of likes, features, trendings, risings, or lots of follows. That is not what popularity is! D:

'Popularity' to me is working hard, and not caring about how many likes they get. Popularity is being kind and helpful to others, and not seeking attention from others because you want the attention.

Don't discriminate yourself if you don't get likes, or follows! I wasn't noticed back then, and I kept working hard.

Trust me, you will get there, no matter how long it takes.

But, sometimes, people don't care about the likes anyways, and just want to make projects to make others happy! :D That's a great thing to do, because you're lifting others' moods. Who knows, maybe someone will be moved by your project! :D


I see a lot of people quit, and it really saddens me. ;c

Sometimes, they have a legitimate reason, though.

It might be that the teacher is taking away their IPad, or the fact that they are too attached to HS. In that case, it's reasonable, even though you will probably miss them.

But, I see a lot of people quit because of attention. D:

I'm being totally honest here. I once quitted for attention, then saw how fun HS and went back on it. XD

Don't quit just for attention. D:

Just keep trying, even though it might be for a longer time. It's totally worth it. XD

If you're thinking of quitting because you're stressed out on here, then gladly take a day or two off to cool down.

But don't quit forever because of a grudge or a difference! D: We all have our differences, but someday, we will all forgive each other. c:

Just think for a while before you quit, if you're thinking of it. It really helps. c:

I'm sorry if I wasted your time, or anything. My hands really like to type a lot. XD

It really feels good to help others, so if someone's feeling bad about themselves, just @ me. I got a lot of happy advice I would be glad to share with you!

I hope I can help some people with this topic to understand what's going on and how to deal with it! c:


Well said! :clap: :clap:


Thank you! It's sometimes really good to get stuff off of your chest. XD

I really want people to understand what's going on! Thank you! c:


Personally, I don't think I am popular and sometimes it does feel good to get likes, but I like knowing that my stuff can make other people happy


Exactly. XD Sometimes you just want to make people feel happy!

I was going to edit that in right now, but it's already so long. XD

EDIT: I'll edit it in anyways. c:


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So... I am popular? Also here's some more stuff

More Stuff On Popularity

Oh yeah @Gilbert189 and @PopTart0219 are popular because they get a million likes. No. That's not how it works. They are popular. But for different reasons. Just like you reading this are popular. (If you work hard and don't beg for likes of course) so yeah. There are people on hopscotch that are popular, but a lot more then you thought at first.


I would like to point out some things, as well!

People who are "popular" work to get that. I personally have kept every one of my old projects with random abilities.


Because I wanted to show people that even if they're the newest Hospcotcher, they can rise up.

By keeping my projects, I've shown how I got to where I am.


@EnchantedAnimallover! Thank you! c:

@Bubbles4Ever929, yes, you are! c:

I agree with what you said completely! c:

@Gilbert189, exactly.

If you work hard, you can accomplish great things! :0

I also keep some of my older projects to show that I've really improved because I believed in myself. c:


I agree with @Maltese and @Gilbert189 a lot!

If you just look at my earlier projects, they are pretty bad. But you'll notice that with each one, I'm learning and I'm getting better. We all start off the same. If you get a lot of likes now, it's because you kept working and you took the time to learn. A lot of people complain that they don't get enough likes, that only popular people do! They just don't understand popular Hopscotchers worked for those likes! Don't discriminate yourself if you aren't popular, just keep learning and working and you'll get there!

@Maltese, nice topic!


That's awesome, I bet some people actually DO take the time to scroll, I know I do. (Remembering that time I scrolled through @MagmaPOP's profile)

That is an amazing reason, now I don't think it's such a bad thing that I'm too lazy to delete, that is, if it helps the beginning coders.


Thank you! c:

I just want people to know that they're special! c:


It's plural so it's "others'" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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