My tags arent working!


I dont know but a lot of tags arent showing up for some reason

Forum Tagging Bug

Huh, that's super weird, what tags are you trying to add


Well there was a few tags missing when i was making this topic but more commonly used ones like hopscotch, forums, and some others but when i was making this topic

only 5 tags were showing up for some reason


I'm experiencing this too. I'm trying to put back the general_topic tag on my general topic


I am experiencing this too.... Different tags that I had used before just... Werent there anymore.


Yeah I couldn't do it either. Existing tags didn't work and neither did new ones. They'd be there. Then they'd go away


Yeah, only hopscotch, forum, help, helpwithcode, and a few others work for me...


Oh weird those are the ones that dont work for me



@Rodrigo why did you close


The Bugs category is to report bugs about the Hopscotch app, not the forum. That's why Liza added a template. Let's keep the category clean :slight_smile:


Ah okay :wink: