My Super Bowl Half-Time Show!



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Oh yeah! That was Tom Brady!
That cheater :unamused:


Ok this is kinda funny:
In a documentary about Newton, the woman asked him a question like "Did you keep the money" and he said "no sir. I mean mam!"


My fav teams:


they my team!


The Patriots...


They texted the equipment manager to deflate the ball and broke their phone so nobody could see the text
DEM CHEATERS!!!!!! Me on fire I always vote for the other team beside dem cheaters


Let's dial this all down a notch. Though I don't believe it's fair that Brady was accused, only because he's the star. I'm putting that incident in the past.


Does anybody know how to color in the stage? It's kinda hard for me...


Also, Hall of Fame is amaze!!!


Peyton Manning isn't a cheater and is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time... (And is better than his brother)


Steelers are life #BigBenForPrez2016


Big Ben.. MY MAN!! Also on Madden MARIOTA was better than MANNING, (Eli), but Eli could throw better far throws.


BOTH but its hard for me too cheer for broncos because i live in NC (panthers home state) and when i said i like broncos everyone was like WHAT?! Friday almost everyone was wearing a panthers shirt. (This is for who should win)


I feel you. Though I don't leave right by Charlotte, UGH!!!
All of a sudden some people know everything about the Broncos..


My fav team is
And steelers i think
One of the other reasons im cheering for broncos is because its peyton mannings last game


I do, but you'll have to use a single text object. :wink:
btw this is hall of fame :wink:
I presonally like Flares better :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn't Peyton Manning's last game.


Basically, that (or those) lines that make the stage look 3D must be one text object. Then, you'll leave a trail color whatever color width 500, about, and clean up the edges with some sin/cos or line art!


It's okay I used some shapes :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm not very good with sin and cos, so I just filled it up with shapes