My stuff in my draft disappeared!


Ok I was making this model thing for my coded OC 'cause everyone has one. I was pretty much done and left for a bit. (I was connect to da internet sooo) and when I come back a bit later it was GONE!!! And I swear at some point I pressed that cloud button!! @admins is my stuff retrievable? It took me sooooo long!!!


Try logging out and logging back in. If nothing changes, you can email THT about it. I'm sure they can get it back :slight_smile:


I logged in and out and it didn't work....AHHH I'm too lazy to email them right now...blehhhh


That literally just happened to me, and when I logged out and back in the code was back! It kinda just comes randomly.


Lol that happened to me! :sweat_smile:


Ok. We should all agree that this bug is pretty annoying, so I'm too lazy to right now, but someone needs to email THT so this bug gets fixed. It's seems to be happening to a lot of people.