My Status is Inactive


Hi forum. Recently, my school just blocked the Hopscotch forum from our school iPads, which is a problem because I mostly am on the forum at school. I believe that they may have blocked the app as well, because whenever I am on it, I can only access my drafts. I know that my Internet is fine because I can go to websites and do my homework, but Hopscotch is the only app that doesn't work.

I know that this is a dark time in the forum right now, and I'm really sorry to have to say that I can't be on Hopscotch anymore. I'm not leaving permanently, but I'm changing my status to inactive. I cannot be on Hopscotch now, but I'll come back when The Hopscotch Team releases the Android version of Hopscotch with even more knowledge of code since I am learning Java now. I hope you guys remember me in the Android Hopscotch!


Does anyone else use it at your school?


Yes, @Giraffedolphin26 , @SoulToaster, and @PearlPup001 all go to my school.


They dont seem to use the fourm, were you using it during class?


LOL, usually I did it during class :). But they all used to use it, I dunno if they still do since I haven't been able to see the forum much.


Im not sure why they banned it, if your the only one you uses it I think.... or a lot.


They banned it for "prohibited games content" I think. My school considers Hopscotch a game I guess.


Well we had this before, they banned all games. But hopscotch was in our school app store... because you can make your own games.

We need an android version..... soon


That's where I found Hopscotch as well. One more thing that I would like to say is that I don't agree with the decision to remove leaders (which I just found out about). Didn't they make leaders because THT didn't have enough time to moderate the forum themselves? It doesn't make sense to me to remove them. If THT wanted to control the moderation completely, it makes more sense to do it gradually.


I do agree, bot wars, drawing topics, the fun is sucked out.

It may be entertaining to a small amount of people, but does that mean anything?


Apparently when Kiwicute made @Hoodie_Monster. Liza got angry and said mods and leaders are no more.

The worst part is that 4 leaders are now in an inactive state like you are


They can't be considered leaders anymore, really. But I'm not leaving because of the forum, I have to leave because of my school. But once the Android version comes out, I'l be back and even better.


Why block the forum?
You can just use a VPN...


Hi @DragonLover975 :smile::smile::smile: I know you're not on, but I still do and will remember you :cry: