My Star Wars Game Topic - Need Coders



I haven’t had time to start it yet, but I’ll have more time today
Sorry for the wait ^^;;;


It’s fine. I don’t have a ton of time this week to start on it anyway. Thanks again for the help! :smiley:


I’ll try starting on Rey on Friday; I think I’ll go with her new look from The Last Jedi.


I like her Jakku hair more then her not Jakku hair but yet I like her not Jakku clothes more than her Jakku clothes.


Hi! I need help with characters. @PinkCupcake8 is working on a Porg but there are others I’d love to have help with.


Reference pictures:
download (1)

My idea for a Porg character:
In my idea, there are ten shapes. 1 circle for body, 1 circle for head, 2 platforms for wings, two “L” texts for legs, 2 :black_circle: for eyes, one “II” text for nose, one arch or “U” text for mouth, one arch for head.


Rey reference pictures:

My ideas for Rey character:
Side of Rey. 12 shapes. 1 platform for body, 1 platform for legs, 1 platform for belt, 1 rectangle for neck, 1 circle for shoulder, 1 platform for arm, 1 circle for hand, 1 circle for head, 1 circle for hair, 1 rectangle for hanging hair, 1 circle for eye, 1 shape for mouth.

I was thinking of having options to have Rey thrust her stick left or right, and swinging her lightsaber left or right. Someone could work on that if they wish but I can also do that if I have the character

Character size reference

My chart:

(This last one is a fan pic but it works for reference)

Stormtrooper info to be posted soon. I’ll work on BB-9E. After PinkCupcake8 publishes the Porg, could someone code Rey? Thanks!


@PinkCupcake8 when do you think the Porg will be ready? Preferably before tomorrow morning :wink:


I should have it done very soon, I apologise for the delay ^^;;;


It’s fine. I’ll just be in a long car ride tomorrow so I’d like to have it downloaded so I can work on it. Thanks for the help :smile:


giphy (5)
Here is more reference footage for a porg…


I’ll try picking this up again soon. Any help is appreciated. For now, who liked The Last Jedi?

I liked The Last Jedi. I thought it had good character development and was pretty bold. Definitely have more ideas for a porg game now. I don’t think the scene with Luke milking a Thala-Siren was necessary though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thala-Sirens are just creepy.

You should make a game where you’re trying to get into the Libertine’s vaults.


Or a game where u escape with the Fathiers