My Star Wars Game Topic - Need Coders



Before we begin…
I just need ideas for a Star Wars game related to The Last Jedi. I was thinking a 2-player-game where Rey and BB-8 are trying to stop Stormtroopers from attacking porgs.
This is a porg:
giphy (4)
Anyways, that’s the only idea I have right now, but what ideas do you guys have? I don’t want anything overly complex so that I can get it published before The Last Jedi, but any idea is a good idea! Thanks for your time.



making a project.


That’s a good idea! U should do that, but can u finish it in time.


I made this a year ago when rogue one came out: it is extremely complex though.


I’m so excited to see it!!! I love the idea of your project!!! Maybe I’ll make a trail art Star Wars related


YESSSSSSS I LOVE THIS IDEA BUT it might be a bit challenging to do in 20 days? Idk :T
im more than willing to help on any SW project but i doubt you’ll need any help



I don’t think I could ever top what @BlastFusion made, that is probably one of my favorite games. @PinkCupcake8, you could help by making a porg character if you know how to do the set position stuff. I’ll be publishing a basic BB-8 character soon today (before 3pm EST) on my Jedi4Jesus account and you can remix that with a porg that if you would like to help.SafeIncredibleAmphiuma-small


I’ll do it.


Well, I need a few characters. BB-8 is published for now but I still need Rey, a Porg, and a Stormtrooper coded. Feel free to help in any way you can but make sure you know who is working on the game when so that we don’t have three versions of the game and none of the characters together. Thanks guys! (I’m on Jedi4Jesus right now because I’m on my iPad.)


I haven’t watched any Star Wars movie, but the idea is really awesome and I can’t wait to see it when it is done! Could you please tag me when the project is published?

@BB-Box I thought that you want to see this as you are a Star Wars fan!


I think ray should be the main character. BB-8 could just like be behind her.
Maybe she can walk around and then storm troopers and porgs come and she kill them.


Well, I was thinking it would be a 2-player game. Rey would be first player, BB-8 would be second player. All I’ve made so far is BB-8 because I’m not the greatest at coding people.


I can make a porg!
I’ll get on it soon


Wait the way u wrote that had it like Rey was killing da porgs…
Pink would be mad.




id be furious tbh
thankfully i think BB means Rey’s killing the troopers
or does he…?


Oh yeah.
I missunderstanded the first post a little xD


It should be the reverse. Ports are so cute- all the stormtroopers die becuase of the cuteness making Porgs the most effective killer in the galaxy.


PLOT TWIST!!! :laughing:


@PinkCupcake8 When do you think the Porg will be ready? :slightly_smiling_face: