My squads ❤️🔥 Join now!


This is my squad! Just edit yourself onto the part you would like to join, you can join has many has you would squads has you want!

We won't be doing any coding together, but we will do other stuff together.

I want these to be huge groups of people, so lest get everyone to join! Anyone can join!

Spam liking squad

Edit yourself here if you want to help me pick and spam like our victims. You must be ok spam liking!
@KVJ if I has likes

Happiness squad!

If we notice someone is down, I'll tag you guys or others will tag us, and we can help!

Coding squad!

We won't actually do any collabs together, but this is a squad that can tag and help each other with code. You must be ok with being tagged!

So edit yourself in now!


This is a cool idea!
First reply!