My speach on anti-Trump rallying



Last night America choose Donald J. Trump as President starting in 2017. There has been groups of ugly, brutal, and uncivilized rallying. People are being filled with fear, hate, ignorance, prejudice and bigotry! Why? Trump wants to bring America together he even scrapped the idea on mass deporting of muslims (he will have extreme vetting though! He doesnt matter if your African, Hispanic, White, Christian, Athiest, Jewish, Rebulican, Etc. (as long as your legal)
But yet you rally and separate America even more! What, are you worried you might have to get a job and help contribute to America, come into the country legally WHAT IS THE ISSUE! He never said he dislikes LGBT or women where did that come from, and all this "HE IS GONNA START WWIII" stuff is just uncivilised and ignorant! Just give Donald Trump a new slate, dont judge on his past but rather his future! Rallys do not help they tear this country apart! Please keep negative comments to yourself only constuctive criticism!


~Bomb Sauce


He won not elected.



I was just typing really fast not really focusing on pecofics about the election but rather the rallying





Okey :3
Mai parents are Trump supporters lol

As an Asian-New Zealander, I don't need worry much about America


unless they nuke us ;-;


What? Who will nuke us


This is a really good point, people are going over the limits because of this.


trumps gonna nuke us pore nz'ers


Yeah, new zealand is a very beautiful country!


NZ is just a smol piece of land in a smol corner


Tank you
It is beautiful


Use better language please.



I am trying to have an open mind about the matter, but please change some of the language you used. I sort of agree that rallying doesn't help much but people are understandably upset because their candidate did not win, and I imagine there would be rallying and protests if it had been the other way around.

And how does this relate to coding...?


yeah im going back and editing sorta got carried away and forgot to use child friendly language


Yes i kinda got carried away and forgot friendly language tends to happen with these long rants and tbh there are ALOT of unrelated topics atm


Ok admins and all @system or other ones (idk them all if you do tag them) you can close it i have given my speach and fixxed all that needs to be edited


So your supporting the idea of building a wall you should see the hundreds of YouTube videos which show building a wall is incredibly stupid

Plus why in a kids forum? We have an open opinion and I'm fine with Trump as long as he doesn't do something incredibly questionable.


What do you mean by this?