My sister joined the forum


I can post now lol :laughing::grin::grinning: lollypopcorn when can you draw stuff with me?


Welcome to the forum!

Tag me anytime!

(Like "@KVJ")


Welcome to the best forum based on an app! :smile::+1:


Hi I'm strongerthanyou! I am one of your sisters best friends and you can talk to me if you make a general topic!


Hi! Everyone here seems nice so far :smile:


Hey there!
Tag me anytime you want!
"@MiNi" I'm gonna die!! Jk.

Me and @lollypopcorn are BFFs! I hope I can become friends with you too!


Welcome to the forum!

Everyone is really nice here! The Hopscotch Team is also really helpful.


You get to talk to really awesome people!


@LavenderArts is one of my faves​:wink:


Everyone I've met so far is nice :smile: It's good to know that my sister has nice friends on here :grin::yum:



You are kidding right



Of course not, that would be mean.

I mean yah, your rlly niceee!


Both of you seem nice lol


I am dying
miniminion said I was nice


Thank you!

@MiNi is really helpful too, she knows a lot!


Also thanks for welcoming me to the forum :smile:


You're welcome!

You will learn a lot more about hopscotch here

Trust me... you should have seen my coding before

Well, it's still really bad.

Anyway, you're welcome!


No way! I heard your song that you did!


Uh, yah!
Das me


I'm sure your coding is really good lol I don't know anything yet :laughing:


What song? :thinking: Oh wait the soldier one? xD it sounds so bad in Hopscotch...