My sister joined Hopscotch!


Hi! I made this topic to introduce my sister @Moondance to you guys! She is new to coding, and she has one project published, and it is an introductory message. She is currently working on the levels, and I help her out if she is stumped. Ples be nice and support her! So ye.


Welcome to coding, @Moondance!


Welcome to Hopscotch, @Moondance!


k kewl
hoi moondance


Hy gys!! I'm Moondance. So thanks for all you're support! And so basically I was workin' on this project and I made it so that when the iPad is tapped it'll set a random value from 1-5, and I also set it so when this value equals one of those numbers, it'll set color, but when I tap twice, it stays the same color. Even if I tap a million times, it never changes unless you restart. I know it's not just that it setting the value the same every time.


So basically the problem is that the text is not changing colour?


Yea. It changes once, then not again.


Oh, I think it is because you have put the Set Colour blocks in a Repeat Forever block, which makes them change to that colour forever.


Oh.. Ok
Thanks! I'll try to change that!


It worked! Thanks for you're help!


Congrats to @Moondance!
And I think that you would like thus profile pic I've chosen for you:


Which grade is she going to :0:0:00:00:0


Just saw this XD
4th grade


Thank you! I love it!


Can someone type up a starter's guide for her?
I'm too lazy to XD


You're welcome!:wink:


But she's your sista…
Ok maybe I'll right it tomorrow in da afternoon


But I'm busy listening to music...


8:20pm in my place and I gotta sleep.


It's the afternoon here