My shadow of the earth is not being drawn as plan



As you hopefully know, there was a eclipse and a blood moon recently. I wanted to make a project on hopscotch that is a little demonstration. But, it's not working. The way I made it so the shadow would form, slowly getting smaller, is not working. I put this code for the background and shadow drawer.

and I put this code for a different object to set the width of the shadow:

And this is how it comes out:

Yes, I do know the width of the shadow doesn't start at a good size from the beginning, but I will set the right size once the shadow is actually doing what I want it to do. Please help me with this code!


Ok so you need to put the value on the actual I guess c shape block. Because it keeps setting the trail with back to 30.


Try putting the Width value into the "Width: 30" at the top of the leave a trail. Then, delete the change trail width block.


Ok @EmojiSoftware and @ProgrammedCat! I will try that!


@EmojiSoftware and @ProgrammedCat! It worked! Thanks so much!


Your welcome. I'm not a pro, but I have figured that out after staring at the code for a while.


@EmojiSoftware wait. I just realized. I tried to change the sizes and now it doesn't work. Here are the codes and stuff



Oops. Here is the last one:


Hi @Hoppertoscotch, maybe try changing the Repeat 150 times block in your last photo to Repeat 15 times? I saw that you left it as Repeat 15 times in your earlier screenshots.


@t1_hopscotch it worked! Thanks!


Hi @Hoppertoscotch,
I think this might be playing a part in your problem
You can't put move forward -2
Try putting change X by -2


@Queen152, thanks for trying to help me out, this was not the problem and it's all solved now. But thanks for trying to help!


Sorry, but I'm really stumped this time. The first problem was an E-Z fix, but this is a tad more complicated. I'm going to reply again if I find a solution.


@EmojiSoftware I am very grateful that you want to help. But I have the answer already.