My scratch studio! (Updated topic)


So, I made a scratch studio! The old topic is lost and dead, so I made a new topic. A lot of people are making studios now, but I would still like people to join mine.

Leave your username below, I'll add people tommorow. I have bad connection here.


The studio is called "the official hopscotch studio"


Will people get promoted? And I think @Nerd4Ever already made a similar topic.


People will get promoted!

I made my studio first, then @nerd4ever made his. Technically, his would be a duplicate.




Do you want to join my studio? :smile:



Pizza is awesome


I'll spam like you soon, thanks for reading my bio!



Lol you are welcome!!!!!


Yes, I would love to.


I'll add you soon!


Like now?


Maybe. I have horrible Internet and I'm leaving the house soon. So probably tommorow!


Try to make this in Scratch @bluedogmc-official.