My Safari is gone :/


I dunno what's going on...
Anyways I might be on a bit less because I can't hop onto Safari
@Rawrbear @Dude73 @Waffle_Draws
It's a problem on the school iPad


Can you download any other browsers?
Like opera?


It's a school iPad


I'm not having any trouble with my iPad, I don't know what's happening with yours. ;n;


We don't have other browsers on our App Store. Wish we did.




Has your school blocked web browsing with Safari?
You should ask when u get back to school


I'm going to factory reset my iPad soon if it doesn't come back


I know a way to get it back do you want to know?


Please reply to @Mobcraft instead of me, as he has the problem


Okay, I might factory reset my iPad, so if I'm not on, that's probably why


Yeah but you where the most recent thingy(text) so I am like why not


You are still on the forums?


Yeah, I'm preparing stuff I need on GarageBand


Thought you said there's no Safari, but I guess you're not on your school iPad


No, I am.
I'm using Gmail to access the forums


Oh interesting >ghghghghg>




Maybe try to go into restrictions in settings to turn on Safari rather than going to a factory.:slight_smile:


Nope, it was on