My Rights And Wrongs Theory



Here I’m gonna talk about my theory of rights and wrongs!


Also it’s math! Trust me it is.


can’t you just talk about this type of stuff in you general topic?


This goes really deep.


and??? that doesn’t mean a whole topic is necessary.

this isn’t even coding related.


I’ll change it to a general topic then.


Ok this is my chart of my theory.


And I don’t have a chart xD.


Ima make one then now.


We are only saying this in benefit of the forum! Topics like these tend to clog up the forum, causing a ton of back up for newer, more interesting topics. Creating 1 general topic where you can post this stuff is cleaner, more accessible, and much more effective!


Uhhh… are you everywhere in my topics…


Maybe they’re only in you’re topics because they are checking the new topics created.


Also Happy Birthday!!


Well, part of the reason for that is a, you create a topic for every single thought that enters your mind, and b, the fact that you are creating multiple topics tend to spam the latest section and new topics created. I am everywhere to try and prove to you that perhaps creating so many topics is ineffective.


Thank you!


You could put this in the Math category and then it wouldn’t be a spam topic, because you put this in Meta and that’s not where it belongs, to be completely blunt.


@SunkM-Productions,these topics clog this forum. It’s not just any chatting site.




the sad reality that 19 hardly relevant posts have been created before the topic fulfilled anything that the title promised


He’s not chatting though, he’s teaching others about math which can be used in coding. Additionally, this topic is in the Math category which is where it belongs, so I don’t see any issue.