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Hi! In this topik I'll reply when k have none.
About what you said in my gen topik,thanks a lot! My projects are waaaayyyy better than @Hero_Dino DX
It's normal
Yes,it's normal. It's not if you don't eat at Dominoes. And if ur wrong PHD coz you're basically eating Foody
How? And the O must be at the bottom. I hurt leaner Photoshsnthesies (the lore harder kne) @ Science
It's a pizza store a d it's pizza is delish
I do t think theres a store called Dice nut I'll google it..
I'ld like to have a logo! My user is VillainDino and can you draw by remixing my HSB pad so I can see it
I know. XD
@Hero_Dino will explain it


I eat food. Is that normal?


I eat pizza everyday, is that bad?


I know right, you are so much better than yourself your long lost sister




O2 stands for oxygen. you know how to that little 2? XD


But I don't eat at Dominoes?
What's "Dominoes" anyway?


bruh you should eat dominoes. they are a pizza company. i am from pizza hut


Noooooooo I am building a domino project and I ran out of dominoes. Should I eat dice anyway?


I searched it up. Apparently, no, it's not. Only very few people eat food. Go see a psychologist or something to get rid of that weird habit of yours.

Lololol jk XD


Well, it's just a joke

coz' dominoes and dice????? ok ill leave


I dont get it XD


Well dominoes and dice are same in color????????? idk i just thought of dice


Okay @VillainDino . I will listen to you your sister @Hero_dino


Dear Fodel,
I meant that the 2 in the O should be below the O and not above. (I learnt about Photosynthesis at science.) Aslo,could you tell me how?
Best regards,
Villain Dino

That was my bro talking



  1. you used the wrong account
  2. okay
  3. your brother is smart
  4. i can tell you how


1.VD ran out of replies and found it hard to edit all the time.
3.O rrly?XD


Okay fine your brother is not as smart as you XD

im sorry for lying


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Dear @Madi_Hopscotch_,
Thanks for spam-liking! It's very much appreciated. If you want to talk to me,please do nit heatitte to come to my general topic. Do you have a general topic?if yes,my long lost sister @Hero_Dino will be sure to stalk it.