My Remix tab just Disappeared


I can't find my remix tab, is this happening to any of you guys?


This is a glitch, try emailing the hopscotch team at


I still have mine
You should probably do what @RobotPro
Or refresh your app!


It just disappeared? Idk how that happens?? A bug? My remix tab only disappears when My Hopscotch isnt connected to wifi..


Thanks, @RobotPro and @smishsmash!


I also checked in my other collab account and my Q&A account and no remix tab!


I am going to try shutting down the iPad and restarting.


:hushed: oh wow okay


I am only turning off my iPad and turning it back on, @UltimateCoder.
I'm pressing the power button to power off and then turning on my iPad again.
I am not erasing or clearing my iPad or anything


Delete the app and download it again. It might fix the problem.:grinning:


Actually I went outside to play and when I came back it was there but thanks for the suggestion, @AlohaHawaiiStudios!


Yes, multiple times. I refreshed hopscotch and it came back though.