My really big project



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That's really awesome!
I'm making two big projects
One is called drift, the other one I just started working on.
Here are some screenshots.


Wow, this looks uber cool!


That looks awesome! :D


*Typo. It's super instead of "über".


I am looking forward to this game! It looks great.
I like they way you have nice light colours and a minimum colour palette along with great looking UI and graphics!


I am digging those pictures


No. I purposely wrote uber. It's actually a word...


Me :point_right:


That looks super cool! Great job, I can't wait to see it!


Amazing! This looks plain amazing!


It looks amazing! When it comes out I wanna play it!


Technically, @tankt2016 is right and wrong, it's a typo. It is über, not uber!


this looks super cool!


Sorry, I wasn't on the forum. Ideas?strong text