My Reactions to App Store Hate Reviews for Hopscotch



See my reactions the App Store reviews.



I'll be arguing with the App Store reviews.
I'll do this every week.


First of all their is a skip button for the email.
Second of all you don't even need a Facebook.
Third of all why are you even rating 1 star for just this?

Number 2 is coming next Friday



i've given good reviews of apps and my comments never appear. So i give up commenting on the apps review page.


Yeah it's really annoying and razor sorry to change the subject plz don't flag me but what time will Liza post the Google hangout thing sorry....


I agree
When I posted something mine was a positive one compered to what others were


It's at 3:30 pm today I'm pretty sure!


this is so very untrue. an apple taught me everything i need to know before.


There is also tons of hate reviews about it not working cause they're on iPhone. Now all they have to do is try it again.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple is smart, it just can't speak with words. It can teach Latin.


Here's one I want to complain about:


Second of all: They email you like once a month....

Third: I think you might be mixing this app with the forums, where you can easily make it so it won't bother you like....ever.

Lastly: How come you rated it so low just because of this?


@Razor They gave 1 STAR for just the e-mail?! You don't need to post your e-mail! It's just a way to get into your account if you forget your password.

@hopscotch_king I saw that review on the app store! I was like: -_- Apples can't speak...


The bad reviews make me laugh. If they had spent just a little more time actually coding in Hopscotch, they would have realized it's the best thing they have ever done! :smile:

I once wrote a really long, really good, review for them, but it asked for a password that I didn't know! Then my review deleted ;(


U.K. Time yeah thanks


This is sooooo frustrating how dare they say that!


Hopscotch is pretty cool


Yay, Bump!