My (Rawrbear's) Github Account!




I figured that since this category was made for the sole purpose of sharing open source code, I'd post my GitHub account here! Pretty much everything's open source; as of now, my biggest repositories are some small Python files and some website tests.

It's all in the MIT license if you'd like to experiment with some of it! :)


I'm probably going to make an official Hopscotch website soon without any contact information. I do have a real website I made for school, but it has a bunch of contact information on it.


Dude, awesome! I have one too! Wait a sec... lemme just get le link...


Haven't really done much with it yet. Couldn't ever find the time...



For a moment, I though you coded the explosion image


Ooooh, that's an idea to save for later. :D


This would be really cool!! If you do it, tag me!


Alright, will do! :)


Cool! I don´t have a GitHub account so I can follow you though, but I will check your profile for updates :slight_smile: