My Random Topic 2.0!



Considering that I can't access my old random topic... I created this one! All the things and tags from the last one aren't relevant anymore... So that this one can be better! Don't respond to anything in this topic unless you're tagged...

Please! :wink:


You shouldn't be excluding people from your topic. Anyone can reply wherever they want.


Hey! I'm doing an interview and I thought for a fresh start, why not interview the oh so famous MagmaPOP! Can I interview you for the first episode of Snoopy news? @MagmaPOP


Yeah I don't think I was tagged but whatever


@MobCraft, @Snoopy, @UptownStudios

Please respect magmapop, he literally just said don't respond.

@MagmaPOP, sorry I had to respond. :wink: I'll stop now


Seriously? I just started this topic and asked people nicely not to respond unless tagged... I can not force people to not comment but asking is totally fine... If you have a question for me ask it in some other topic, please. This one is for my questions...

Snoopy to save you the trouble of asking again... No I don't want an interview, sorry


Oh sorry.... I didn't read the top, I apologize for bothering you. :sweat:


Sorry for the last random topic, I know what I typed might have been offensive, but I think that poptart has more experience in the draw pad industry...
Also I don't know what you responded to that because I have no access to that topic... :sweat_smile:


I totally get it, I mean the name of this topic gives people the idea that they can ask me something "random", but it's quite the opposite... :laughing:


Ok! This is what I wrote

@MagmaPOP, hopefully this doesnt count as replying :stuck_out_tongue:

Only click this if you want to

ok, you asked for it

May I please code some music for you? Probably not for the draw pad, but I've noticed in your old project that Snoopy has made music for some of your projects, and I just want to try :grimacing: Its ok if you say no, but I just wanna do it once, hope you understand


I didn't say that you don't have experience. I only said that she had more. Also you aren't someone that publishes art a lot... I think! :sweat_smile:


Sorry, more rule break time.
Actually, not really. You said my name

Please do not comment about me like I'm not here. I read your comments. If it is a direct comment to me, I would love to take it.


I didn't tag you though... And i still didn't, sorry :wink:


Are only certain people aloud to reply on this because it's a club or something?


No, it's my random topic... I sometimes only want some people to reply... So I tag them! :wink:


You can add music to my tower quest if you want... Then I will maybe remix it from you, with credit


Yay! (Victory dance) Sorry, but I have to ask a few questions, theyll be really quick

  1. What should the theme of the song be? Sad, mysterious, eerie, spooky, etc.
  2. Tempo. Fast, slow, or medium?
  3. Where should I put it?
  4. When should I publish?

@MagmaPOP ok. I cannot finish it today, it will be posted tomorrow. (at the latest, Friday)


Idk if I should ask questions here or not.. I'm just gonna..
-backs away-...


No, even if you didn't know leaving a reply like that is kinda pointless... You could have just asked instead


Make something that you think fits... I don't care when you're done... Reply in this topic when you're done