My questions of life ☁️🐈☁️


Hello here are my questions of life
-Why are my cats neurotic (did I spell dat right?)
-Why do we have kidneys???
-Why don't I like pizza
-What is tem supposed to be
-Why are planets round
-Why do I ask so many questions
-I wonder what I seem like from another person's view
-If I were a potato, could I get away from eating vegetables?
-Why do I sound different in vids then I think I sound
-Why am I obsessed with looking up cat memes???
Those are my questions of life



i wonder when someone will say this isn't hopscotch related


This is not related, but whatever


Now, I really don't care if something is HS related or not, but other people do, so make your next topic HS/HF related, and if you want to say something not related, put it in a GT.




yes i know its not realated bit this seems cool wait a second.


Okie welp I'm new so I just randomly put some questions that I was wondering...


I know the feeling. Right after I joined I made something not related and it got lounged. So your new:


okay nice.
nice to know and btw welcome to the forums.




this person beat you to it...


I know... I'm new ok gimme a break


I'm just joking, sorry if I seemed rude.


Nope it's fine! I'm just a random person ._.


I just can't hear sarcasm through a screen (lol)


oh, we never knew that.
can you hear that sarcasm?


You have a very good point there.


Let me answer a few questions.
Planets are round because of gravity all around it pushing it together.
If you were a potato eating other vegetables that would be like humans eating beef. So yeah.
You sound different in vids maybe because of sound quality, but also your voice travels differently to you than to others, therefore making it sound different.


Adding onto the sound bitβ€” When you listen to your own voice, it is the vibrations travelling through your body, rather than through the air.