My Projects keep getting deleted when i try to post them 😭


On certain projects, when i try to post them, it takes me to My Class and shows me the 2nd latest posted project instead of the one i had just posted. Why is this happening?


I dunno. Maybe it’s because you have a word that is not a good word, or is inappropriate? Or maybe you have reached a maximum limit of Projects you can do? How many projects do you have?


This is odd…i don’t know much about the classroom version but maybe the teacher has to approve your project before you can see it?


There’s no max limit of projects.


No… that’s not it. The projects show up on the class immediately.


Well, if your on a trial or something. Like you know for subscribe art or something like that?


Maybe it is a certain word. I recommend going to this topic before reporting it as a problem. Also, could you link the project? Maybe we would figure it out


Where do you want me to link it? To the comment or the topic?


Link the project in the topic I guess


Post a new comment by tapping the “Reply” button in this topic and then show us a link. That would be good.

I saw that @Awesome_E beat me to post this, so yeah…


And how do i link it if it wont go through?


You can still access the project via its link, even though it doesn´t show up in your profile.


If you can see the project in your profile, regardless of if it shows up elsewhere you can still get a link that leads us to the hopscotch project


Sry I’m a noob. But this is all i see:


Publish first? Then come back


I do not think that’d work, because

It may be possible to publish it then look for it in newest.


I mean post to class and see if link is possible


It deleted it. :expressionless: i hate this glitch.


Do you have the subscription? Maybe THT has to review the images first and that’s where your projects are going.


I don’t have premium😭. but the project ts always load direcly to the web. they never get caught like this.