My Projects keep getting deleted when i try to post them 😭(CLOSED)


So they’re just immediately disappearing?


Yes certain ones. As soon as i post them, THEY GONE!


Omigosh that really stinks!!
Maybe try some test projects? And see if you can recreate the bug?


K. Will do. Ill send. A link.


Ok…if the project has “copying” in it, it gets lost.


Projects don’t “get deleted” unless you do that. It’s probably stuck in the filter, so only you can see it. Plus, if searched, Safari and other web browsers will give a 404 error. You can also tell that if it doesn’t appear in your favorites once it’s liked.



Ok but seriously, “deleted” as in nobody else sees it
Or maybe it has to do with the fact that they’re doing in HS for classrooms

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