My projects are stuck in the filter


I mean, on the #games tab


I don’t see it, I tried searching for it as well


That’s weird, I think it is the filter, I will try to remove “inappropriate” words


It has happened to me before and it was infuriating. I think you’ll have to take off inappropriate words.


You can ask @hopscotch-curators. They can check which words are inappropriate.


You could also email The Hopscotch Team at and ask them to take it out of the filter for you.


THX! that’s very useful, I’ll try


And if that doesn’t work, you might have some words that can be used for both bad and good purposes. One examples is “addres.s” (good use - Deliver the package to the given addres.s, bad use - My addres.s is…).


This should be under #meta-hopscotch , the #faq is for the forum I think


SInce this question isn’t frequently asked, it should definitely be in #faq.


Did your project contain any questionable language? Are you on a new account?