My projects are stuck in the filter


Hi, I published a game today but it doesn’t appear on other devices, I asked my friend to check it but it didn’t appear on his iPad, Do you know how to solve it?


@omtl plz help me do you know how to solve it? Or has it happened to you?


(you should tag POMTL)


What does “upload” mean? What did you upload?


Did you use images?


In summary; I published a game and it doesn’t appear to other players


No, I don’t have hopscotch subscription :disappointed_relieved:


It has never happened to me, I’m not sure how to solve it either


Oh wait I know! It’s filtered, or in the filter, you may have to remove tagged words


What tagged words? What is that?


Well I know what is it but I have to put more than 20 words to reply


What is your name on Hopscotch?


Rodrik834, but you can search 1.5 on the featured bar


I think it’s the filter


What is the name of this project that you are talking about?


I unpublished it because I thought publishing it again would work


The name is hopscotch quiz!


I don’t see it unless you didn’t publish it again


I didn’t, let me publish it again


There it is, can you see it?