My Project Topic ;D


Hi guys! So, I know this kind of thing could go in a general topic, but I don’t want my projects to be buried in conversations. XD

This is a place for me to post my projects, talk about them with you guys, and ask for help with code if I need it.

I’ll also post most of my projects on my general topic, but this is just a specific topic for coding.

Don’t get off-topic please, we can chat about random stuff in my general topic. :DD

See you when I have a new project! :)


Can’t wait to see your projects!


I have thought of making one of these kind of topics too, and I’m excited to see all of your projects!


Woo! I just got featured for my latest project- Autumn Ecosystem Generator <3

Here’s a link :DD

It’s the autumn version of my Ecosystem Generator- a project that generates random weather and, in later versions that I’m working on, terrain and animals. :DD

Go check it out- I’m proud!!


So, I need ideas for a new project- I already have Thanksgiving and Halloween projects in my drafts that I’ll publish on those holidays, and I’ve already done a fall themed project.

What should I make? Any suggestions? :0


Make a potato .


Great idea.




Your account is on hold because THT waits a couple days to approve new accounts. I missed you!!

I put this on my projects topic because my general topic is in Random Stuff and new users can’t see that.



XD I was about to make a collab topic to help with my project idea


yes, i am :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


hi mc!!! i haven’t talked to you in a million years how are you