My project is only showing up on my own device, not anyone else's (Solved)


My username is A.K studios.

I use an Ipad Air"

I posted the brand new art pad that I worked three weeks on and then drew on it and posted my new pad. Then, I made another drawing on CheerfulOwl's Pad. My own pad got no likes, while my other drawing got 20 likes. I unpublished my art pad then republished it, thinking it was just a minor bug or something. Then, the same thing happened again. I emailed my friend and she said it was not visible on my change. I am very concerned. Help!

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. I worked 3 weeks on the pad, downloading it every once in a while. I published and unpublished it a couple times after I finished as well (like I said)
2. I made another drawing on a different art pad that was not mine. I have made art pads before, and they worked fine.

I expected My pad to show up on #art and my page:

But instead, it didn't show up at all, except on my own device:

Here’s a screenshot:
In the first picture, it shows my page
In the second picture, it shows my likes. My friend from school (fifthprincess)v who plays on hopscotch always likes all my projects, didn't like the pad I posted, but liked everything else I posted. Same with others; none liked my pad, but everything else. Btw, the two plays were mine 0^0

Here is the original that I posted and then unpublished. It is copy of it that I have in my drafts. This all happened yesterday and I tried to publish again today. .0_0


I think your project is stuck in the filter, email the hopscotch team and they'll be able to get it out. :D


Yea, I think it is stuck in the filter! If else, I dunno...

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Thx! It helps guys! Also, thx for the compliment :3 I tried (XD) I will email them tommorow then. Thx! :smiley:


this was solved thanks to everyone who helped!

Yeah I just wanted to say that because I can't edit the title for some reason :/