My project didn't publish?


I made a 3D Enderman and published it twice. Neither of them show for anyone but me. Idk why. Also, how do I fix that?


Maybe it was stuck in the filter?


Yeah but I don't have any words that would get it stuck.


Maybe it was poor wifi?

Whatever it was you can email THT to try and get it out of the filter :wink:


Email the hopscotch team to push it out of the filter


Hi @Themasterofairjitzu
Sorry, I can't help you there, It's happened to me before but told me that there was no code in the project.


Yeah, ask THT to get it out of the filter. Send them the link.


Just replaced the message and it published


‘Twas in the filter.

I thought you would’ve known that, stu​pid.


That was uncalled for dude








Glitch. It doesn’t show up on profiles but should appear on newest. It is published and others can see it.
Also, you may have bad internet if you are having trouble publishing.


It was in the filter.


Oh that’s sorta what I was trying to say


Am I the only one who finds this hilarious


In what way, may I ask?


The replies to this topic and people get really involved and then nindroid just goes

And that poptart even replied to it