My profile pic contest!


Okay, I think I need a new profile pic.
You can use an avatar website, draw it whatever. It is due by the 31st. I will pick 3 winners.
It will be my permanent profile pic! (Not forever though lol)
Spam Likes(HS and HF) A shoutout, a game request and a follow!
My profile pic for 2 months!
Spam likes on HS, A shoutout and a follow!
My profile pic for a month!
20 likes on HS, and a shoutout!
What I look like:
Tan skin
Dark brown hair
Light brown eyes
A mint green top with a pastel pink skirt with glasses.
(My glasses have kinda a gradient color you can do just brown or blue, or you can do the gradient. My glasses are dirty don't mind dat, here's a pic for reference)

You can't really see it but it's like a dark ocean blue at the bottom.


Yay first reply! I might try

But what hairstyle do you want?
And what kind of mouth do you want?


I might do this, if I have time. :smile:


Meh.. wavy and down.
Like laughing?


Ok here it is
It's the closest I coud get it

The picture




What happened to your contest @Himynameismeredith1?


Maybe not enough people replied



Oh lol I forgot about this

Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Why don't you change the due date and do it again?


Meh, made one anyways. I know it's a overused way to make a profile picture, but I like it.