My pixel art page! πŸ˜‹πŸ”₯


This is like other people project page, except it's just for my pixel arts!

What I ask from you
- give honest feedback!
- give me possible ideas! (Not requests, just ideas!)

Here are my finished pixel arts:

Finished pixel arts!

The duck:

The lax stick (not one of my Bests):

The rainbow cake:


I'll update this often!


Why isn't the drop down folder working?


They look great! On the duck, by its eye, there's two white gaps. Other than that, it looks great!
Drop down folders don't seem to be working at the moment!


You have to have something on the line under it for it to work :wink:

Ur pixel arts are amazing! :D


Thank you!

What do you mean by there must be something under the line? If I put it on global edit, can you try to fix it? Thanks!


System is trolling us XD

Well, some people have it working, so I guess quote their posts and look at how they did it?


Oh well, there currently not working! I'll fix it later! :grinning:


Coll pixel arts!




Do you think I should have one project page and one pixel art page?


Yah! Your pixel arts deserve their own page to get more attention!



Thank you!

There will come a new topic in some minutes


They're so gΓΌd!!

Also make the [details] go on a new line :wink:


Thanks! I'm going to fix it later, I'm on iPhone and it's hard to type for me :joy:


So am I :stuck_out_tongue: