My pillow is haunting me


So yesterday, I had a lot of homework. I stayed up all night doing it, and by the time I was finished, my forehead was sweating enough for a waterfall, I was about to collapse, and my heart was beating like-

(Topic editor): what in the world are you talking about?

Ok, so maybe I exaggerated... θιθ...

But as I got ready for bed (around 9:45) I laid down on my pillow and tried to go to sleep. Of course, I forgot to charge my school iPad. I turned the light on, checked Hopscotch, and then I noticed a CHOCOLATE SPLOTCH on my pillow.

I could not sleep.

Do chocolate splotches give you insomnia? Because now I've been getting to bed and I'm really tired in the morning.


Umm okay...
Why is there a chocolate splotch on your pillow?


Is this a joke or....?


I don't know.....I think my little sister is pranking me because I haven't eaten chocolate in a while


Could this "chocolate splotch" be poo?




No, I actually am having trouble going to sleep.

The chocolate splotch thing isn't really serious, but I am questioning why it's there....sorry...


just flip the pillow over.


Gosh I hope not. It looks like chocolate but I do have a dog... you know what never mind.


I did. I also switched out my pillow. Sorry this is random, I know, don't waste your time


That's really weird. Maybe you should ask your parents. Also, for future reference please make all topics related to Hopscotch.


I know. I want to delete this now....


Why not recycle it? That'll "delete" it...


I think the chocolate splotch is poop. Maybe you got chocolate in your hair and it went on your pillow?


Hello Lav
I had an "Incident" in woodshop today
ow. My finger huuuuuurts


How would it get there? xD


Her dog
Or mr hanky is on her pillow.


Does she have a dog?


Lav, do you have a dog? I don't think so...


Does this answer your question?