My Philosophy- What I've Observed Over Time


Yes, this is related to HS!!!

Recently and many times in the past, a lot of drama had been created. Three people leave and people make "recovery topics"

That is a nice thing to do, but what I've quietly observed is that it expands the drama. For the past year I've seen these things and I finally decided to go against my own way of thinky and make this topic.

What happens (cycle)
Flame wars break loose
Many topics are made to say something about a suspended user, flagging, or the war in general (excluding apologizing)
People start taking breaks
People leave
People make topics and posts saying "save the forum" or "the forum is falling apart!"
Everything surrounds this one thing

Well, maybe we should just leave it alone! If we let things work out themselves and not make a big deal out of it, people would be so much more happy!!

Also, please don't comment rude things in general because these all start the problems. :slight_smile:



:clap: great speech, Carrot!


People ALWAYS say"AHHH! It's the forum dark ages :rage::rage::rage:
I totally agree with this entire topic.


That is actually extremely accurate... :D


Great topic! I also used to think that the forum was in dark ages, but I guess I should complain less and try to ignore it and let the flamewars die down and the participants calm down.


:clap::clap: u don't even know, you took the words right out of my mouth. (XD)

Here's another cycle:

Somebody says something mean or whatever
Mod/THT closes that topic, post gets flagged
People make topics like "What happened with @Person?"
People be like "stop creating drama. It's clogging up the fourm"
100 "Calm down guys" or "Recovery center with no drama" topics
People leave (especially the person who started it)


Yeah guys just Drop it please



Remember, if something bad is going on and the HT hasn't tended to it, don't make a topic, just email them! You can ask me anytime to email them if you can't!


Great said. I agree.


Thanks for the support guys!

Yes I know I'm breaking the philosophy by making a topic about it lol


Awesome topic!
I totally agree.


So true, so true. Couldn't have been said any better. Well done!


I agree! Here is my version:

(Same thing, just different words)

  1. Someone makes a topic about their opinion on random stuff, off topic, or just a random topic.
  2. Flame wars break loose; usually starts with anonymous users
  3. People get flagged and stuff
  4. Someone reports to THT
  5. Someone gets suspended
  6. A user asks why this user was suspended
  7. People reply saying good and bad things
  8. People say that the forum is breaking apart and leave
  9. People create topics asking why people aren't oeaving and telling them to come back
  10. Someone makes a whole speech about the forum breaking apart
  11. People come back
  12. People apologize
  13. Everything is calm
  14. People make random topics about the forum breaking apart when the problem is fixed....


Where has all the general topics gone? The coding topics! Art topics? Where are they?


I've always wanted to say this but I did not know how to say it nice....

Great speech :+1: