My pet ran to the zoo


No my pet didn't but that was just to drag u in. The real topic is the

pet zoo
So if u would like a animal then please fill out the form below:
Can u code it? ( pixel art, trail art etc.)
If yes to above then please attach the link:

More than one person can have the same animal

Basically I will have a list of people with their animal. If u code ur animal then give me the link so I will screenshot it and add it to the post. We will see how big of a zoo we can get. If u can't code it then u can ask someone else to code it for u
Any questions? Ask below

Zoo animals:
Dog- Ella_13
Lion- @AwesomeNachos



The title just clickbait....
Please no

Wait wait but I zoo thing is fine!
Just the title!


That's what @Gilbert189 said to do... and it kinda has to do with my topic


No, I didn't say to do that. I made my title that to prove my point. Making topics just to get people into them isn't really good.


Welllll u did that so u set a bad example. What do u expect?
And the title does those something to do with the topic. Notice how my pet is a dog? @Gilbert189
And I don't get how ur posts gets 6 likes and Kien gets 2. And u didn't even like my post like boi


Ummm what account am I on!

I got a free account!


Yeah, I did do that, but I did it to prove a point about topics, not to draw people in.


Well u drew me in so...

How do u know I wasn't just trying to prove a point?


My topic was about why we click on topics, and why we're more likely to click on them, and the title was an example.


Please GBOT

I don't like how u r clogging up my topic



He was just giving an example and in that topic, he said that making click bait was bad. I hope that can give you a better understanding of the situation.:slight_smile:


It really didn't but whatever


Clickbait is bad, make the title to what you have in your topic.


It is


Yes indeed


Lol the click bait YouTube vids are so funny


Haha yeah:)


Don't listen to them make the title what you want there's already a bunch of clickbaits anyway


Alright, we are trying to set a good example, don't point fingers, ella


Well they were pointing fingers so it serves them right

Who's are u though?