My Other Account




I have finally thought about revealing my other account.
You guys really wanted to know, right?
This is a tough moment for me.
I don't really want to tell you guys, but then again, I have to. (For pressure purposes)
@kiwicute2016 @gilbert189 @poptart0219 @buildasnowman already know. (@Liza too). They have kept the secret, or at least I hope so.

Since I love riddles, you will have to figure this out for my other account, in the form of a riddle.

Good Luck!

(Riddle here)

For each riddle there are missing letters. Find it. Then unscramble into two. (Figure out what that means, it's a riddle for the riddle)

Isaac Newton and _eibniz invented calculus in the 17th century.
(Use this letter twice)

"A_ _ a r a t u s" means "the equipment for a particular job"
(Use this letter once)

This letter is always capitalized on its own anywhere in a sentence. (In English)

The shape of these two letters are the same as the shape of a lens
(Use letter once)

_ O N A L D _ E A G A N was the 40th president.
(Use this letter once)

_ O L L O W 4 L I K E S O _ _ I C I A L
(Use letter once)

You sh_ll not p_ss!
(Use letter once)

Comic an is a font that you can use when typing.

a, e, i, u find the missing letter

It's tough to unscramble. Good luck.


Hmm, I'm going to need paper.


Riddles ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ (︶︹︺)


I would solve this, but I don't have time
I'll solve it later...


Is this a April fools joke? I think it is...


( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


You're really sure you want them to know? Wow. You're really brave! :D


I have all the letters now... this is so confusing....

Wait, do I know your other account?


My mind doesn't work the best in the morning, and that top one is hard. How about putting a



very small hint? But this is amazing! Anyway, be ready for an overload of follows and likes, Follow4LikesOfficial!

EDIT: Auto-correct gave it away. :stuck_out_tongue:


Figured out all of them, but I'm not sure about the comic one. And I can't unscramble it.


Don't spoil the surprise!


Can I tell you??????


Yeah! Just do the quote thing, then when I like, delete it.


Seriously? All that hard work for THIS?!
Who is going to give me Nice Reply? I have 9 likes already!



Jokes on you, @Follow4LikesOfficial,
It only took me 2 minutes!


Wow @Anonymous cant trick me i know you troll


Actually, you tried, so it's not on me XD


You are tricking I bet! I will try it later!


It is a trick it said April fools, wait... WHAT IF THE ACCOUNT IS CALLED APRIL FOOLS