My Other Account lol


Well so I don't know why it was a big deal from day one when I joined the forum, people wanted to know what my other account was. I didn't want to share it because it was so cringe and I hated it so much.

I still don't know what the big deal is though.

I'll be happy to share it if anyone explains.

This time it's not an April fools joke or troll.

It's just a normal cringe account, and I got featured for a even more cringe game that I played two years ago ahh it's just SO CRINGE


also to the people who already know hush I'll expose myself later don't expose me thanks


Its ok we wont cringe


It's a big deal because you're a famous awesome Hop who has a secret account that a few people know. You are very mysterious about it and that leaves us like :thinking::thinking::thinking:" What is this famous Hops secret account???"


I used to think he was @MagmaPOP xD




Well it's not you that's super mysterious it's just your shrouded in mystery

Idk if that sentence even makes sense I feel like I've heard it somewhere lol


No I'm not famous lol

And about the mysterious part why not try to find out who other people's accounts are why me


I just got deja vu from your post stahp that


Why does that even have four lieks? Okey I need to GbOT bai DDIT: NOW THIS HAS FOUR LIKES?!


Yeah you kinda are famous

I don't know there's just something about you and your secret account

Will you tell?


ok thx u have won life @codingCupcake123


My other account is so cringe idk why I'm sharing it but...


Yayyyy I won life woo hoo


I miss MagmaPOP

he had liked that post I got so excited xD

But this was like classic @Anonymous :laughing:


Am I very mysterious?


My other account is.....


Tbh no sorry but not really

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