My opinions on the forum


The forums make me cringe because there's always all this "happiness" and smilies when they aren't even appropriate in the post. I mean, seriously. Sure, you want to lessen the tone, but you can do that by different means.

I also think the quitting movement is fine.

Also, I think you should just call KayKay/Disgusting what she wants to be called and move on. It's just a name, even if it is a negative name. What if you changed your name to something that others don't find agreeable?

Also, there's a bit too much off-topicness for this forum because it is a Hopscotch forum.

We also need leaders. The forum was better beforehand because there was more moderation (even though there were some problems with the leaders).

If you take offense by this and want me to edit it I will ignore that request because this is my opinion and it's the only way to express it.

If I made another topic recently just let me know.

Do you agree?

  • Yas definitely (expecting Disgusting to agree)
  • Yes
  • No
  • This topic is a bad topic :wink:


Votes are public.

(if you were wondering about the wink, it was purposeful)

Good day to you all


I rlly like this, thanks for promting good positive thungs throughout the forum


The forum is supposed to be a positive place, but sometimes we do get a little bit too cheesy with the smiles. :D
But negativity isn't a good thing, and if we do call KayKay Disgusting, it would be violating the community guidelines and be name-calling, even if she/he wants to be called that.


Name-calling only really applies if it's unwarranted


The definition of name calling is, "Abusive language or insults." By calling KayKay "disgusting," it is sort of abusive language... :0


Hey, it's what she wants to be called.

also nice topic


I like the forum the way it is.


Hopscotch is a coding platform.
How could we only talk about it.

I can barely type a sentence about Python.


I disagree. There's nothing wrong with being happy :D It's also not nice to call the forums cringy.

I do agree that we need leaders back though :slight_smile:

Liza says that we're okay with the level of off-topicness we have :3


Um, I don't think this is exactly a positive topic, it's saying how the forum is bad...


So you bend your head and body in fear ir apprehension or in a servile manner?




Thats the definition of cringe.

Word by word


Okay then XD

I was confused because I thought you were talking to me and I was like, "When did I say that?"


I agree, you should like it or say positive things when inside your not


I agree also I have a club that is a protest to have leaders back.


I completely agree
If she wants to be called Disgusting, call her Disgusting, it's not unwanted.


Exactly! It's not abusive if she wants it.


But this isn't really that negative
It's criticism


So more than half agree
Pretty surprising, if you ask me
I expected it to be almost all no